B2B platform design and development

Angelini Beauty - Idesa Parfums / ITF Cosmetics

The challenge

The brand needed to launch their products on a worldwide basis, avoiding the requirement to distribute physical marketing books whilst minimizing back-office tasks on paper or email, like retail purchase orders or reference modifications for their products.

The solution

We conceived and develop a digital platform that allows the client to create, add, or modify any product they have, both in national and international markets.
With this platform, it’s easy to manage orders online, analysis and organisation of export activities, for exporting it to its ERP system.
Also, automatic notifications for the client to follow up made the commercial and marketing tasks much more easier.
Every client can be managed through the CMS, including the personalisation of products, multiple currencies, etc..

Project Features

Launch 2011, with continuous improvements up-to-date

  •   More than 8 general brands with more than 2,000 refs each.
  •   Worldwide platform and 100% online
  •   Saving of printed materials and time saving for the sales force team and the marketing team.