D.O. Barcelona:
Creativity, Performance & Fun

We founded DO BCN in 2006 between 3 friends, the family invested and we did not find enough fools ;) More than 14 years later, along with an industrial and technological revolution, 2 world crises, a pandemic, and changes in the way we relate to ours, we continue working side by side with our clients doing what we like the most:
Uniting Creativity, Technology and Strategy to get the best out of each project.


The Innovation Process

Marking stages in the project allows us to focus on specific objectives in the most explorative and creative phases.

View and organize information in collaborative and visual sessions with the client.
Frame the project.
Establish what is the identity perceived in the minds of current and potential customers of the brand, as well as which are the competitors and look for analogous and similar success stories for the same targets.
Once the challenge (problem or opportunity) has been defined, it is time to think and develop solutions. We thus provoke new questions and reveal latent development and implementation needs.
In this phase, it is about scheduling and implementing the actions proposed in the process. We define execution briefing and implementation strategy, deciding in what order we should implement the solutions.
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