Cellnex: Brand Strategy

Cellnex Telecom
  • Brand development and corporate identity
  • Creation of corporate dossier, storytelling writing.
  • Interactive video and stand design for fairs
  • Production of corporate videos for the Smart City business area

Service for the preparation of the strategic discourse, the definition of the analog and digital communication plan and its elements, the functional framework, the style book and the brand strategy for the Smart and IoT markets of Cellnex Telecom.

Development and detail of the communicative elements necessary to explain to the market the value of CELLNEX TELECOM's assets, the benefits of its application and the experience for the user, from the phase of discovery until the provision of the service.

  • Workshops with the team to develop a functional document to map all the services associated with the vision of CELLNEX TELECOM in the Smart and IoT field.
  • Creation of a style book and brand strategy for these markets.

All this in order to help generate business, support the commercial management, presentation of proposals and improve the digital and analog positioning of CELLNEX TELECOM in SM art Cities and IoT.

In short, generate an experience around Smart and IoT solutions to boost market awareness, brand image and therefore sales in the Smart Cities sector and IoT.

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