Escuela FEF: E-commerce & 360º Strategy

Fundación de Estudios Financieros
  • E-commerce development
  • Internal company workshops
  • Digital Branding
  • 360º Digital Marketing Strategy
  • E-mail marketing automation
  • Creation and management of Paid Social campaigns (Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • SEM campaign creation and management
  • Web content and RRSS
  • SAC (Customer Service)

The objective of the project is to accompany the Financial Studies Foundation and its School to extend their offline business to the digital world, contributing our strategic and development know-how, to lead the conversion to sales.

< p> For this purpose, an e-commerce platform has been developed, restructuring the content of courses and training from a previously carried out SEO audit. In summary, that the processes of attracting users or potential clients and the registration / payment of the courses is as agile and efficient as possible and that they directly access relevant or interesting content from the home page.

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SEM and PPC - Paid campaigns

To increase traffic to e-commerce and expand the geographic range that the school was covering until now, Google Ads campaigns have been created. in social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook Ads and email marketing campaigns and automations to convert the maximum number of candidates throughout the funnel.

RRSS and Content To consolidate organic SEO positioning and generate recurrence, an editorial calendar has been established for the web blog, periodic newsletters, and a specific content calendar for each social network. Specific campaigns have also been generated, such as solidarity scholarships, or the recruitment of young talents for the completion of masters or postgraduate degrees.

In addition, the information of each course has been nurtured with interactive videos to help in the user decision, and generated downloadable material.


As a complement to With this 360º strategy, possible candidates are supported 24/7 to answer questions, either via chat or by phone.

Measurement and implementation plan

< p> A measurement plan has previously been worked out, which consists of identifying everything that we must measure in the Google Analytics console and / or Google Tag Manager based on the objectives that the client has transferred to us.

Thus, we will have greater qualitative and quantitative control of the data that is collected on the platform and its actions in other channels, which will support us in making decisions: according to the performance they have given Depending on the channel, what article and post content generates the most traffic, most visited courses, conversion rates, Ads creatives and posts that sell more, etc.

Once the measurement plan has been carried out, has carried out the implementation of the same, that is, to carry out all the necessary technical configurations that we have indicated in the measurement plan to have a correct measurement and quality KPIs, which allow us to make evaluations on the milestones set and create / adapt new strategies digital.

All this information is collected on a monthly basis in a reporting document that collects all the web analytics implemented.

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