Holistex Group: Digital Transformation

Holistex Group / Dobert Textile Group
  • Brands: Holistex / Dobert / Meroltex / Apreslan
  • Development of the umbrella brand for the group, and adaptation of corporate identity
  • Development of the group's corporate website
  • Dobert brand website development
  • B2B portal development
  • Production of corporate videos for online communication.
  • Digital marketing strategy to start the positioning and communication of the new brand
  • Online content development

Develop a digital eco-system strategy for a new brand that unites all the group's brands.

Create a new digital ecosystem where Holistex is the main axis and umbrella of the group's brands, but leave enough space for Dobert and IBQ Fabrics to position themselves and have their own content.

  • Workshops with internal team, research and analysis of the environment, production processes and projects of sustainability.
  • Definition of the communication objectives and needs of the brand.
  • Creation of DNA for the group, defining values ​​and fundamental characteristics of each of its brands. Create an account of the product and sustainability journey, in order to explain the role that each company in the group has in the process.

The new Holistex website revolves around how the group's brands They carry out their activities from the group's key premise: sustainable textile production. The videos made for this platform, as well as the contents of the site are also focused on this objective.

Dobert textile brand web development

To continue With the transformation of the group's brands, a new website has been developed, where we want to transmit the experience and creativity of the brand, but also link it to the group's sustainability fundamentals.


B2B web application development

To close the circle, and to adapt the company to the new times in which it is not possible to do fairs or face-to-face visits to sell the products they offer, work has been done in the development of a web application based on React, where the fabric catalog is offered and can be interacted with and co-created with the client. This digital project is accompanied by a sample box that is sent to customers internationally, where each fabric sample has its QR that directs to the same product in said portal and the order can be placed.

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