Peroxfarma: Digital Strategy Epaplus

  • Company internal design thinking Workshops
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Website development
  • Catalog and CMS implementation
  • Content Strategy & Creation


  • Develop a digital activation strategy for the brand, user-centered.
  • Establish a long-term relationship D2C
  • Increase awareness of the products and the brand.

Project stages:

  • Exploration: Design thinking Workshops with internal team, research and analysis of the environment, to identify consumers and how they interact with brands. Generation of deliverables (Persona profiles, Customer journey map, SWAT, etc.)
  • Definition: Definition of goals / needs. Creation of storytelling, tone of voice and visual communication for the online field, to connect brands with their target segments. Approach of the necessary digital eco-system (websites, Social media channels, etc.) to carry out the strategy.
  • Implementation: Responsive, multi-language platforms. In addition, the content, campaigns and events strategy was developed, as well as the calendar, content and moderation of their SM. Measurement plan to establish KPIs and monthly reports with monitoring of actions focused on the objectives set for each brand.

workshop & strategy deliverables

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